Sunday, August 15, 2010

Messages and meanings

         What do you think?

Should an artist concentrate on entertaining, 
or should they strive to inform, to enlighten, to
move an audience in some way?
Art, to which I am personally drawn, must have some
meaning, Some moral good or ethical truth that motivates
and inspires me to better myself. 
We are always encouraged to speak from our hearts, 
to pull from our own personal experiences.

              Risky business.

We all know the sting of an open heart, slapped by
the palm of indifference or rejection.


Meet a new character from GREW. 
Her name is Charlotte, inspired by a literal Charlotte, Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute. Charlotte's selfless efforts in promoting the work of her father Max Gerson in the face of ardent opposition by the modern medical community are, (in my opinion) an artistic expression in the truest sense. A Beautiful Truth,  Perhaps not with brush, paint, pen or ink, but with nutrition. With fresh, raw, organically grown produce and vegetable juices. With a vegan diet free from food additives, artificial colorings and preservatives. Things with which the Food Industry continues to envenom the public and which the American Food & Drug Administration continue to claim to be safe and non toxic. This in spite of the mounting evidence to the contrary. 

What dose all this have to do with GREW?  
We are integrally tied to our environment. It is an extension of our very being, not a place where we live.   The importance of our paying attention to what we eat, to what we drink, and to the air we breathe can not be avoided or ignored. GREW will explore a world which has all but eliminated it's natural environment, replacing it with a panoply of man made marvels to "improve" upon what fools in their ignorance have eradicated from the earth. More importantly, it will shed light on the ability of the environment to cleanse itself from such cancerous incursions. Like the human body, freed from toxic impediments, which can dissolve a malignant tumor.