Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have finished the 8 page prolog to GREW entitled, For The Public Good. I must sing the praises of my fellow Anthologists involved with the SteamPunk project we have going over at the Illopond.com They have done MAGNIFICENT work! If you haven't been introduced, please let me now do so.
Paul Caggegi of the Process Diary podcast He dose magnificent work in a 3D program called Blender his podcast centers on tutorials in Blender and are SEAMLESS! perfectly conducted to Whet the Appetite of any creative interested in trying their hand at 3D rendering.
Pauls contribution to the project is a Magnificent Asmiovian sci fi Chiller of a man transformed into an immortal, bound to the ship which has taken him to the end of the solar system.
DATA POINT take a peak at his process.
Mark Harmon of Harmon Illustration is a talent bound for greatness, and a great guy of which I am proud to associate with. His contribution is a comic Romp of a tale.
PEST CONTROL His Characters Conrad & Trigger provide a bit of light hearted Levity to the heaver segments of our book.
Lee Wiley of http://www.wileyillustration.com/ Strings an emotional and action packed story of young mans dream to find a world beyond the post apocalyptic dregs of an existence and find a purpose, a greater reason to his being. Thwarted, but never defeated in his quest.
Clint Sutton of http://www.clintsuttonart.com/ adds another Light hearted comic to the mix with his witty and warm hearted STARJUNKERS Clint hales from South Africa! What an experience to meet and work with such a talented brother. I hope for much more to come from our efforts here.

Zach Bosteel of http://zachbosteel.com/ brings some comic adventure to us through his story THOROUGHBRED When a Brilliant, if somewhat bungling inventor and impetuous daughter wrangle with the mishaps of his invention, a Steam Locomotive that is able to lay it's own tracks.
Warren Belfeild http://www.warrenbelfield.com/ shares with us a story of a Mans Duty to his family and country. A history of sacrifice in the name of liberty and it's all to human costs.
DECISIVE MOMENTS is a humanly heavy piece that will move you to question the cost of war.
Carsten Bradley has joined us to round out our 8 story anthology. his story;
Tamerlaine Waller & the Tentative Temporal Time Thief is a warm hearted tale of a Sleuthing Hamster named Tamerlaine Waller. His Arch nemesis, an evil Owl named Galbraith is not all what he appears to be.

Be sure to watch for a podcast interview posted to the Process Diary this week end.
five of us discuss what we are doing and why. I hope you listen in and even more, get involved in a project over at the Illopond.com