Monday, July 25, 2011

Importance Of Empathy In The Life & Work Of An Artist.

As a boy, the episode of Star Trek; "The Empath" (pictured above,) made a deep impression on my way of thinking. It has always been one of my favorite episodes because of what it helped me to realize. Empathy is the capacity, the quality, the ability that makes us most human. With out it we are selfish beasts, capable of the most egregious and inhuman acts. The thing about empathy is that it is sadly, such a fleeting quality. I think because it costs us so much. To take the pain of another into our own heart hurts us, and since we naturally avoid pain it takes a self sacrificing, conscious effort to do so.
Artists, like everyone, need to cultivate this quality. We need to feel what our characters feel. We need to anticipate what our audiences will perceive, and we need to deepen our appreciation for those willing to take the journey with us. If we care about our audience we will make every effort to bring to them something of an emotional value.  We must be willing to give of ourselves. Just a thought I wanted  share.