Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Well I can finally disclose the project that detoured my progress on my personal work. FarFaria is an iPad  app full of Children's stories to delight and amuse. I was privileged to work on four of the stories.
It was such a pleasure to work on these stories. And being my first official freelance gig, I was a bit disappointed when it was over. While my heart is in my own stories, I must admit that it is a completely different challenge to bring someone else's story to life. The folks at intuary were great to work with. I do hope to work with them again and welcome any other jobs that might come my way, but I must say I am so glad to be able to get back to finishing Ouwangalaymah. 
One of these day's I hope to own an iPad and read the other stories in FarFaria. I understand it will be an app that will continue to grow as more stories are added in the future, so be sure if you are an iPad owner to download it and let me know what you think!