Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Travails of a Sky Captain

It has been quite a while since my last post. The duties of a sky captain prohibit much of the activities outside ones responsibilities, but none the less, an up date on our progress as a group is in order.
We have past the first deadline of February 1st, missed the second of the 16th, and now we are careening headlong into our third extension for the end of the month. We began this excursion some five months ago,
Sept 26th at 9:13 am the call went out for artists to join in the development of or second Illopond creative collective project, "8 A Steampunk Anthology".
The project was embraced immediately with enthusiasm and an amazing battalion of artists joined forces to tackle this mountain. As the "Captain" of the project it has been my duty to steer the ship, to keep it on course, and to rally the troops into fighting. Alas, as captain, I also bare full responsibility for the troops in my lead. The going has been quite difficult. Two of our brave young lads feel by the wayside. Many have had the economics and unforeseen troubles of this life beat them down. However. WE ARE NOT OUT! WE HAVE NOT GIVEN IN!! WE WILL PREVAIL!!!
I am looking at the turnaround time at Ka-Blam! and I suddenly have the shock and horror a true Captain of war must feel when it looks as if the battle is lost. Like Luke in the trenches of the Death Star we hear the voice of our mentor saying, "Stay on target!"
Sure it is going to cost. I knew that at the very inception of this project. But we must carry on. I have responsibilities to my troops.
And I urge them to carry on! I can't emphasize enough the opportunity that my representing our efforts at WonderCon will present to our Cadre, our group. To my men who have valiantly faced the enemy, fought the fine fight, and have the laurel of victory in their hands I salute you with all due appreciation, respect and admiration. To those who have fallen, your captain is here for you. you will not be left behind. all I ask is that you complete you assignment with all due dispatch and haste. I am PRUOD of my troops, and will remain so till the end.