Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DARK MISCHIEF Kickstarter campaign

Well, it is official. The Kickstarter campaign is open for pledges!  
My story, Two White Horses was accepted for inclusion in this anthology of dark tales. I'm hoping mostly playful or low impact, haven't seen much of the other stories yet, but the artists involved in this project are simply AWESOME! I'm so excited to have my work along side theirs! Dani Jones, Kim Holm, Sarah Turner, Mark Rudolph, AP (Tony) Fortado, Mich Byrd, Dave Flora, Dirk Manning, Cayetano Garza Jr.,  Pam Harrison, Wane Spencer, Kenny Durkin, Thomas Florimante Jr., Jenni and Barry Gregory,
Even though this is a step beyond where I usually tread, I have high hopes that it will bring me one step closer to being a full time story teller. Getting in on this Kickstarter campaign is one way that you could help. Jenni has put together some awesome incentives. Take a look and see if any might appeal to you. Just contributing a dollar will put your name in the book as a contributor, and if the word is spread by everyone and we meet our funding goals, all of the contributing artists will receive payment for our efforts! I MIGHT REALLY GET PAID! YEA!!! Just being part of this project is cool enough, but man, a bit a moola would be nice too. One thing that is great about contributing to projects like this is that all creators retain 100% of their rights and can do what ever they wish with their stories.  Two White Horses will be available as a 20 page standard comic soon as well, and as a Digital down load from the new Indiplanet Digital site.
Thank you in advance for any support that you can share and I hope that you will enjoy the stories in Dark Mischief               

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Preparation for a busy month

Well, Here comes October!
Every year for the last, oh, I don't know, SEVERAL years, I've been saying I'm gonna leave the Day job buy October. We I can't say with any certainty that that will be so, but I am about to take a couple of major steps in a direction that may make all my Artin around more legitimate. Hopefully profitable.
fist, I hit my goal and then some in finishing my 20 pager for Jenni Gregory's Dark Mischief   Two White Horses, (my contribution to this anthology) marks a mile stone for me personally. Stepped way out of my comfort zone and I think I think of all my books this one will attract a much wider audience.
Second, APE the Alternative Press Exposition is this next weekend.  I will be tabling with Denver Wagner, Michelle Kondrich an Charlotte Cheng   I'm hoping for a BIG weekend of connections and fun interacting with folks who come to the show.
and Thirdly, on October 6th I have my first Gallery Show ever. Here in downtown Fresno, at the K-Jewel Gallery I'm very excited. I thought that I would be nervous, but I'm really not! I feel like it's just time. Time I started to let people see what I've been trying to do in ernest since 2005. Here are the pieces I'm putting in;    
Trust is like my Masterpiece. the Show is for illustrators, but I hope to demonstrate that the visual artist should not be limited by an imposition of labels. We do think deeply about our contributions. they are quite personal and hopefully thought provoking. I slip it in to the category of editorial illustration, but it is to me a work of fine art.
And other pieces will include;
The Mayor's Wife
the final page of For the Public Good.
I had a large print made through Zazzle 24x36
plus My KnickKnack the Kat story all framed in sequence.
It's really hard to decided which pieces to include. I might try to work in a couple of the Priest from GREW, but at any rate, being my first show I can't wait to see how my work is received. I do hope that this last big push to get my work out there is met with a positive response. Either way I plan to learn as much as I can from the experience and grow from there.  



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There's a new podcast in town!

Just a short note. The Illopond Creative Collective has put together a new podcast for all you creative types to stick in your ear while you work.

On our first episode we have interviews with two of our ponders, Denver Wagner 
and Paul Cageggi of the Process Diary   and his web comic Pandiea 
and a very special guest, Eisner award winning author/artist
I'm really proud of how it turned out and I hope that you will help spread the word about the show.
If you get a chance to listen, please leave us a comment! I'd love to hear what you think.  

Friday, September 2, 2011

What I've been working on

September comes, and I'm sure will go with head spinning swiftness. Not only do I have my first Gallery show coming up the first week of October, the 6th to be exact, But October 1st is my deadline for my newest graphic short story. it is called Two White Horses. This is derived from what I believe to be an old Appalachian folk tale. Years ago when in I was in collage at UT Austin, I caught a PBS special, Storytellers. On that show was the most captivating storyteller I had ever heard. Her name was Jackie Torrance.   this is 26+ years ago! The story she told has been with me ever since. I've wanted to put this story into comic form for some time but was waiting for my abilities to grow to do it justice. The opportunity came for me to put this to pen only a few weeks ago.  I hope that it will be included in an anthology that Barry and Jenni Gregory of Ka-Blam!    are putting together called Dark Mischief. The other artists on this book are SO incredible! Among them Dani Jones, Mark Rudolph, Kim Holm, Mitch Byrd AP Futado, Dave Flora, I mean really exceptional talent. I am so flattered to be included, and hopefully this story will be. Not only that, but APE is on the 1st & 2nd og Oct. AHHH! anyway, like I say September is going to fly by and when it has I hope to be in a better place in my professional Art carrier. Here are the first 10 pages of Two White Horses to Whet your appetite for what i hope will be one of my best works yet.

To get the rest of the story, be sure to watch for the availability of Dark Mischief, soon from Indyplanet.com  
I hope it makes it in and even if it doesn't, I'm a thinking I will make it available other wise. Thanks for having a look!