Saturday, October 8, 2011

The K-Jewel Show was a BLAST!

I can't thank Karl Kallmann enough for the invitation which came, about a year ago, to be in this past weeks art hop gallery show at the K-Jewel studios in down town Fresno. This was my first show ever, and I am flabbergasted at the response to my work! What have I been waiting on? As a creative person who longs to actually be an artist for a living, there is a rational fear, an apprehension, that your work my not hit the mark with a viewing audience. That your hopes will be dashed, that you dreams will be squelched. We perhaps place too much of our worth as an individual in the validation of our work. That fear of failure perhaps is what has stymied me all these years. But for what ever reason, I am finally out of the creative closet!    
When Karl emailed me and asked if I'd seen the Fresno Bee yet I was absolutely blown away! My piece made it on to the front page of the life section with a header piece on the front page!  Totally unexpected! Thursday night, a couple who attended the opening told me that they came because of the article, specifically to see that piece. Boy did that make my evening! I've also been contacted by others interested in acquiring a print based on the news paper article.

  And MAN was the show busy! I regretfully, had never attended an Art hop in Down town Fresno and had no idea what to expect. It was so stimulating to see so many people take an interest in my work. and meeting the other artists was just incredible! 10 years ago when we first moved out here to the west coast, I found the work of Leonard Filgate   in one of the many galleries along the central coast.
       His warm and whimsical Characters from the Children's book series Rip Squeak, written by his charming wife susan, simply captivated me. We purchased a copy online for our son, never dreaming that one day we would be able to have them both sign it. And the thought of my work being hung in a gallery with his... I think 9 is the number of the cloud I'm on! I also had the pleasure of meeting Doug Hansen    a Wonderful illustrator and an instructor at Fresno State University.
We had the BEST conversation! Never let it be underestimated that when two creative minds start talking, the world can indeed be changed! We is sure feel like it can, and He has invited me to come speak to his class in November! I think I can help most by presenting my story as a "Why it is important to have direction early in your life" kind of way. If just one of his students can avoid the pitfalls of retail I will have won the world! I've got so much that I want to share with them.
And I also had the wonderful pleasure of chatting with Kathryn Pendroza  
a remarkable illustrator. She is a friendly, warm and open person. We talked about the SCBWI and critique groups, universal  travails of life as a creative and again, just so wonderful to be around like minded and friendly people.
I hope that this isn't my first and LAST gallery show. I so want to do this again, but even still, just having discovered a facet of my community that I never knew to be a vibrant as it is is such a win for me and my family. Thank you Karl Kallmann and the K-Jewel staff for being the gem you are in the cultural crown of our community.   

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the APE experiance

This past weekend, I had one of the best art times in my life. Not because we sold out of books, because we didn't, and not because we all ended up with publishing contracts because we didn't. But we did revel in each others company. As artists, we struggle with balancing our passions as we speak with others. In the end, our friends and families, although supportive, lack the depth of interest in what we love to talk about, and after the fiftieth time we share our work with them they get a little bored with us. Getting with fellow artists and WoW! We just can't stop talking! We see things through similar filters and feel things in similar ways. That's the number one take away from this weekend for me.
We really didn't do half bad when it came to sales, yet in the long run, we're simply hoping for a self sustaining venture at present. Self publishing events are showing up all over the place, and as they do, our chances of this becoming something more improve dramatically.

Thank you again;

Charlotte Cheng  Denver Wagner       and Michelle Kondrich  for being so AWESOME to hang with!

We will have to do it again!