Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What is a "MASTERPIECE", What is ART?

 The art that I am drawn too shows a high regard for the fundamentals. Above all draftsmanship, composition and use of color. it is evident, even in an abstract expressionist piece whether these fundamentals are in place or not. If an artists can use these "tools", and in the end result, accomplish something that also resinates emotionally with the audience, then something masterful has been achieved.
   Pablo Picaso,  at as early as 5 years of age, received specialized training in the arts at various academies in Barcelona. The painting at left, First Communion, was painted by Picaso in 1896 when he was twenty and His Girl Before a Mirror in 1932 when he was arguably nearing the peak of his artistic expression. It is unavoidable that what he achieved was built upon the firm foundation of his elementary training.   
When though, does an artists work become masterful? There is this intangible shift at some point where the audience takes over. When the underlying emotional and intellectual weight is perceived and the viewer "GETS IT," then I think a work has become masterful.      
 There are times though, when the perception of the public builds up the greatness of a work,  not necessarily out of the merits of the work itself.  The gag of Picaso doodling on a napkin in a cafe and the owner making a million from it illustrates my point. I doubt that the artist himself would feel that such a doodle would constitute a master piece, but the perception of the public makes it so.
There are some though, who are out right delusional or knowingly charlatans, that in my opinion, profane the arts.
                                                            Tracy Emin      
   Art education is indispensable. Strict and early application  of the basic disciplines inescapable.
"It's Art because I say it's Art." is a vacuous statement that disregards all of the passion, pain, and sincerity of all who have truly devoted there lives to their work.  Any one can hold a brush, make a mark, and call it art. I can hold a scalpel and say I'm a brain surgeon, but you would be ill advised to trust my hand with your life.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our First review is in!

Doctor Quincy Erasmus Quartermain of the Steampunk Chronicle has kindly offered us his honest opinion of our first 8 A Steampunk Anthology. Such feed back is essential if we are to continue to improve our efforts. We truly wish to produce the highest quality independent work we can in whatever genera we are working in. I had suspected that a few of our stories would raise a steamers brow. All of us are neophytes to the genera and this is something that was made evident by his review, but even though his thoughts were not glowing on all entries, I feel his over all opinion was quite favorable.
And those of us with the Illopond.com are extremely grateful for his supportive remarks in regards to our efforts.       
you can read the review in its entirety here;

Thank you Doctor! you are a gentleman and a scholar.