Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sneak peak At OUWANGALAYMAH! part 2

2010, Well. What will this year bring. Better yet, What will I bring to this new year.
For sure I will finnish Ouwangalaymah! all four issues and at the end, a compilation of the work for my first completed Graphic Novel for all ages. Here is a sneak peak at Issue #2 which I hope to finnish ASAP.

If 2010 is to be the year for me to break away from the day job at LOWE'S and enable myself to work full time in my creative endeavors, then I need to get busy. Its almost midnight! The new year is upon us! WHAT ARE WE WAITNG FOR! GET DRAWING!

1 comment:

  1. Another hat off to you Sam! It's all so thoughtfully rendered and I really do believe this WILL be that year you can say bye-bye to those day jobs! I hope you got my email thanking you profusely for your best-Christmas-gift-ever-gift. My daughter and I are fighting over it...