Friday, April 16, 2010

What art is, and what it can do.

   Close to five years ago I was moved to execute this piece.  Five years later, and the specter of its muse still haunts. I will reveal to you only that it's subject can easily be discovered in the morning paper and what spurred it's birth is an issue of great controversy, great sadness, great loss. Loss of innocence, loss of trust. An abhorrent deformation of human conduct and character that must not be overlooked, excused or dismissed. 
   I've always tried to bring something relevant to my work, convinced that as artists, no, as human beings, we have a responsibility to reveal what lay hidden in the imperfect mortal heart. By doing so, perhaps, we can expel, exorcise, eradicate such lesions in behavior so that no child should ever be so wickedly betrayed agin.

It is perhaps only stained glass, wood and florescent light, but if it is anything more, I suppose that that will be decided by those who view it.
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  1. The subject matter of this piece is truly horrifying and sad. The history of cover-up and lack of sympathy for child victims by church officials is disgusting. Why is it that even movements/ideas with the best intentions, are not immune to evil infiltration. It's a horrible commentary on society to realize that there really is no "safe" place. The best that we can hope for is that new crimes won't be covered up and predators won't be moved to new congregations.

    The subject of this piece is horrible, but the composition, color, and overall design is gorgeous. Nice work, Sam.

  2. Thank you Denver. Sometimes the weight of a deed must be felt by us all and not just those immediately affected by it. I hope this piece reminds us to be socially responsible, and never look the other way. Help defend the innocent.