Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Anthology Project

Folks its official! 
Soon, this incredible little 64 page book will be available for purchase from 
Book mark it because round about November it will be up. 
Significant because, one, it has turned out to be an amazing kids book,
and two, it shows what is possible when the creators are in control of their own project. 
7 other author/artists and I found each other on the web, banded together, and for the sheer 
love of laughter and story hammered out this little puppy.

My hat is off to Mr Christopher Tupa ! He was the instigator of the whole incident and took charge of our layout and file prep.

and to Mr Ben Powis who provided the scene for the crime.
Imagine! creators from all over the globe banding together to accomplish such a feat.
Imagine too that you could be a part of it! The welcome matt is out to any creatives interested in developing similar projects. To get involved, start by taking a dip over at the;
See how our cadre formed and worked collectively to critique and edit each others work.
Further nods to;

Mark Harmon    http://harmonillustration.blogspot.com/ for his cover design and killer story Robo 6

Denver Wagner   http://denverwagner.blogspot.com/  for designing our table of contents, And     phenomenal The Call of Tooth Head

Michelle Kondrich   http://www.michellekondrich.com/ for her wacky     Pand In The Pantry  and for preparing our press release.

Craig Pirrall   http://craigpirrall.com/ for his Funny Go Froggy Go! and layout of our Bio Pages.

Lei Wiley   http://www.wileyillustration.com/    For his creative and colorful  Bradley's Crayons

   Collaboration is nothing new, but  in the way our little project has been accomplished, something new has been achieved. I really think we have stumbled on to something. Not that by our efforts we are trying to circumvent the Guardians at the Gates,  (One of the reasons we all became involved in such a project was to hopefully gain their attention.)  but perhaps we've helped lighten their load, so to speak. Like many out there minding the muse, our main objective is to bring smiles to as many faces as possible. 
So keep a watch for our lil Anthology project, and stay tuned, because we enjoyed this so much we have plans to do it all again! 

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