Friday, October 29, 2010

Process & Tutorials

    I'm still so new to digital art. I've been pounding away at it for almost three years, but I am FAR from concurring the beast! But when I learn something new, I've got to share how I put it to use.
Not long ago, I learned how to make an Image Hose in Painter 11 here Image Hose Tutorial
Now this is a risky tool. It can ruin a piece if overused, and I hope this will offer an example of proper usage.
   For the latest page of my Steampunk Anthology piece, I needed to picture plants growing over buildings, being poisoned by men in safety suits. It started with this photo I took a couple of years ago on a trip to New York City.  After a little noodling in Painter, I had this;    

Then came the fun Part! Making up the image hose.
Years ago I pressed some flowers in a poetry book. I fond them awhile back
and decided to scan them into the computer, and this is what I had.

Following the directions in the tutorial, I made an image hose from all, and while playing around with it found it to be the answer to my plant problems in this piece. The Aged, weathered & warn appearance of these pressed flowers from long ago worked perfectly along with some fall leaves processed in the same manner.    

 All the other elements worked up and combined, I think It worked out perfectly for the effect I was going for in this page.

Having trouble with the text tool in painter. My just be the font I've chosen, but I may need to use Pages to reassemble the page and fix the problem, but all in all I was really happy with the new process I discovered, and I think It worked out really well for this piece.    


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