Thursday, April 14, 2011

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! May 7th 2011

So what are you doing for Free Comic Book day?
There is so much buzz today about comics gaining the acceptance of Educators and Librarians as an effective introduction to reading. In school class rooms and libraries across the country,  comic books and graphic novels are gaining a foot hold in teachers curriculums. In panel discussions of the topic, over the last three years, it has become evident that Comics aimed at a younger audience are still rather few and far between. Noted examples of course are  Bone by Jeff Smith ,  Cursed Pirate Girl by Jeramy Bastion, the epic Mouseguard by David Petersen and many others, but with eager young minds, and boundless imaginations populating school rooms, there is a great need for more. Have you got a title that fits the bill? Free Comic Book Day is an excellent opportunity for you get you work into the hands of kids and teachers alike. It is also a marvelous way for creators to show their support for their local comic retailers. They are championing some treacherous waters these days as a Paradigm shift occurs in the market. It is a way to show your support for the medium as a whole by getting involved locally.

   The year, I will be offering free copies of my 8 page full color comic For The Public Good, as well as black & white copies of my kids Comic Ouwangalaymah! The "Tail" of the Names of the Tree #2  at Heros of Fresno 110 E. Shaw here in Fresno. I wont be able to join the festivities until 3:00 pm after the day job, but if you are in the area, please come by. And where ever you are, find a participating Comic Book Retailer and check it out!

Free Comic Book Day! May 7th 2011    YEA!!!!         

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