Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the APE experiance

This past weekend, I had one of the best art times in my life. Not because we sold out of books, because we didn't, and not because we all ended up with publishing contracts because we didn't. But we did revel in each others company. As artists, we struggle with balancing our passions as we speak with others. In the end, our friends and families, although supportive, lack the depth of interest in what we love to talk about, and after the fiftieth time we share our work with them they get a little bored with us. Getting with fellow artists and WoW! We just can't stop talking! We see things through similar filters and feel things in similar ways. That's the number one take away from this weekend for me.
We really didn't do half bad when it came to sales, yet in the long run, we're simply hoping for a self sustaining venture at present. Self publishing events are showing up all over the place, and as they do, our chances of this becoming something more improve dramatically.

Thank you again;

Charlotte Cheng  Denver Wagner       and Michelle Kondrich  for being so AWESOME to hang with!

We will have to do it again!


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