Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Well I can finally disclose the project that detoured my progress on my personal work. FarFaria is an iPad  app full of Children's stories to delight and amuse. I was privileged to work on four of the stories.
It was such a pleasure to work on these stories. And being my first official freelance gig, I was a bit disappointed when it was over. While my heart is in my own stories, I must admit that it is a completely different challenge to bring someone else's story to life. The folks at intuary were great to work with. I do hope to work with them again and welcome any other jobs that might come my way, but I must say I am so glad to be able to get back to finishing Ouwangalaymah. 
One of these day's I hope to own an iPad and read the other stories in FarFaria. I understand it will be an app that will continue to grow as more stories are added in the future, so be sure if you are an iPad owner to download it and let me know what you think!



  1. Congrats! I'm definitely gonna check it out.

  2. Thanks John! I wish I could see it myself! It sounds like a really innovative story app. Let me know what you think. I really appreciate the comment!

  3. Well done, Sam! I downloaded the app on my iPad. It's simple, the layout is clean, and the stories are fun! Your artwork, of course, is signature Sam kirkman! Re: getting an iPad: do you have to declare the income you received from this job? If you do, then by all rights, you can claim the cost of an iPad on your taxes this year, because it now becomes a work tool. I'm not sure what the laws are over there regarding secondary incomes - here in Australia, if we have a second job it gets taxed at criminal rates, so anything I can do to lower what "they" take out of my pockets, I do. Just food for thought.

    If, however, it was done (ahem) off the books, so to speak, then it's not such a great idea... Unless there's an app you'd use to tally bags of manure or track returned lawnmowers from complete gardening noobs (like me!) but hey - I'm sure there's an app for that! Looking forward to more work!

  4. Thanks Paul! Yup! Always on top of the table. Best to be safe with such things. And I will def. be claiming it as a business expense, I just gotta save my pennies to get it in the first place. Got a lot going toward WonderCon & Disneyland this year. Hey! Wouldn't that be cool if I could claim that? :0)

    1. Sam - Wondercon you can, because you've spent money on promotional materials, printing, postage, table hire and insurance should all be able to be written off. As you are getting cash, it is possible to *ahem* be creative on your earnings? :D Just make sure you file it under the same second income stream as the work you did for Far Faria (I think you could put it under freelance illustration). Disneyland... not so sure about that. If it were Disney studios and you met up with Chris Oatley, left an Illopond business card, you could claim some things and file it under a business expense.

      *sigh* I should've become an accountant.