Monday, February 16, 2009

What children leave behind

I love the central coast, from Montana De Oro just south of loss Osos,  up to Cambria and San Simeon.  I always find the most curious things that children leave behind after their visits to the beach. 

From flotsam left by the tide,

To forts constructed of Drift wood. I love to explore what they've left behind and think what wonderful adventures they must have had.
It's a marvelous thing to see how they explore nature. I hope they feel the awe the I do every time I come here.
I often look for the things I've found when I return to this place, but the old is always replaced by the new, and I marvel all over again at what another child has done.    
Do they know I've come to admire there work? Do they leave them realizing how much I appreciate it? I know they are children because only children have the patience to play so closely with nature. It's no wonder that as an artist, I long to regain, to keep alive that little boy in me who loves to leave what's left behind on the sand.     

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