Tuesday, May 26, 2009

intensity developing

To demonstrate the value of a good critique group. As individuals, we can just so much. With the aid of several sets of eyes and various aesthetics, we can really start to see changes that will make a difference in our work.   
The closer I get to Comicon in july, the more intense and hopefully numerous my posts will get. It would be great if I could have this thing finished By then, but I can't rush it either. Creativity ebbs and flows. I know there will be other dry spells. I hope to take a couple of weeks as a leave of absence to try and get closer to completion. I just hope a dry spell doesn't come during, so that that needed time isn't wasted. It's just something you can't predict or do much to control. Just go with it and try to muscle through if it does happen. Anyway, the story is getting better.           

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