Monday, May 25, 2009

The Wretched Wife of the Mayor of GREW

It is such an intriguing thing to create a world and the characters that inhabit it. You can quite literally have anything happen. What is important is finding the sequence of events that will lead an audience to empathize with and identify with those involved. You want the audience to follow you on this journey and sometimes it is a struggle within to keep it interesting. I've found more and more that the story has to grow as the illustrations progress. Different directions can be taken, but in order to get a clear direction you have got to stop and think, STORY! STORY! STORY! Taking the time to work on the text has given new life to my illustrations. It's weird how intertwined they have become. I've decided that this work has to be done in such a way that neither can exist independent of  each other. You can't understand the story with out the pictures, and vise-versa. So this is the renewed direction to produce a unified whole and not a collection on disembodied chunks of creativity. This is the challenge!          

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