Thursday, August 6, 2009

Silly things and why we do them.

How do we become storytellers and why?
It all begins with being a little listener. When we were
young, we would hang on every word that followed,
"Once upon a time..." We loved the story so much
that we would make it our own, and tell it to any who
would listen, and many who wouldn't. You keep doing
that long enough, and Poof!
you become a story teller. The secret is...
Never grow up! Never let go of the felling of wonder. Let
yourself be carried away to a Himalayan mountain top where
the Yeti cries. Fly with a caped crusader as he vanquishes the
forces of evil. Take a dare and walk the ridge of a roof top.
From a galaxy far, far away... To seek out new life
and new civilizations... where ever the story goes, you go.
Then write it all down and share it with the world.
Can you imagine a world with out stories?
A world where the wonder has gone?
Shudder to think of it.


  1. Interesting. Why does your son hate "Once upon a time". I love the way you cut the video.

    Your son is adorable by the way. :)

  2. Funny!!!!!! I never realized Once Upon A Time was such a scary story!

  3. Sam, I've awarded you a Scribbler! Come visit my blog for more info-

  4. So true, Sam. Thank goodness for our ability to wonder! A beautiful post indeed!

  5. So true! Thank goodness for our ability to say "I wonder...". A beautiful post indeed!

  6. Awesome job. Zach loves his voice as well.

  7. Hey Sam. Great post and video. Wonder and imagination are real world magic. Children and storytellers own this power. I consider myself lucky to hold this belief and know it's value. Too many have lost it :(

    I love the video. Reminds me of my own little firecracker!