Saturday, September 26, 2009

Working in layers and the life of Trees

I wonder if anyone other than our fellow artists realize the time spent on bringing what we do to life. In an effort to save some of the time I need to devote to other things I've begun braving the pencilless sketch. Well not completely. My first Initial work up is with the pencil tool in painter with a medium grey tone that I then go over with the scratch board tool in black. Bypassing the pencil to paper, then scanning it in saves a lot of time.

My inking can take a few hours to a few days worth of noodling on it. I probably Spent a total of 12 hours inking this tree for OUWANGALAYMAH! My goal is to develop a few deeply detailed views of the tree to use in bits & pieces throughout the different scenes in which it is involved.
I then lift the layer to a watercolor layer and play with shadows using the oil pastel tool with a med grey. this is just to get an idea of what I want to do with form. Just a quick rough in really.

Then a quick test of color. Since the first scene in which the tree really makes an appearance is
at twilight, I've given my self quite a challenge, so again this is just to get an idea of what it will look like, not a finished piece by no means, but just a color test. I'm finding that the more I save each stage of development, I can make adjustments much more easily. But because of this, I sense an external hard drive in my very near future. Any way, More reasons to love digital media. It saves so much time over the struggles I have with physical media.
More Later! Thanks again for having a look!


  1. Hi Sam. Stopping by to say hello. I love the tree. All the hours of work you have put into its creation have made it a wise elder. Beautiful job!

  2. I too love this tree. Did you say 12 hrs?!$@! OK this is where my pencil suits me just fine. You're off the crit blog - we can use your thoughtful, practical comments - no pressure or anything...

  3. I'm gonna have to hire you for a PS lesson! Your work is beautiful, Sam!

  4. Thank you every body! Gotta work on a new post soon. Mom is still visiting and I just gotta make the time.