Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Kernel Panic!!!! I just learned, almost the hard way, what a Kernel Panic is. It's what you don't want to happen before you've backed up all your work! And folks, DO IT! DO IT NOW before you do anything else. The Mac has been acting up lately. Painter closing up on me right in the middle of a brush stroke, Trouble pulling up the internet, Things like that. Bought an external Hard drive Monday & backed evrything up that night. THANK GOODNESS! because tuesday morning it was KERNAL PANIC! Any way, Long story short, BACK UP YOUR INFO!
Thanks to Fellow Twitterer Ryan Anthony Davis @radillustrator on twitter he shared this link to an online back up service you might want to look into. Any way, anyhow just do it!


  1. Well I am glad it all worked out well for you. You are the second person I know of that had something happened like that this past month.

  2. I think There must be a virus out there. It's all software related.