Thursday, November 5, 2009

EFII Response; Working outside your chosen medium

My name is Samuel Kirkman. I’m 47 years old, husband of one beautiful woman and father of two incredible boys. In collage, I studied fine art and was perusing a degree in Studio Art. Life happened and I dropped out, having become disillusioned with the fine art world. Since then I've worked in small market television stations as an audio operator, as a self employed Janitor, and for the last 13 years as a Nursery Sales Specialist for a home improvement center (LOWES). While paying the mortgage and doing the responsible thing, I've desperately tried to keep alive the creative being inside me. As a janitor I'd vacuum Patterns into the carpet, I saw intriguing shapes in the wet splotches on the floors as I mopped, and now I find myself surrounded by all sorts of materials that inspire my creativity.

Most recently I've been hammering away at an idea involving travertine tile, and my new found love for sequential art. Ever tried drawing with a Grinder? When it comes together I'll post the results, but for now, here are a few, "Out side" my usual medium examples.I hope you enjoy them!

This piece is Stained Glass entitled, "TRUST". It is a visual commentary on the abuse of children at the hands of the clergy.


Yes I've even worked in Seaweed. Dried of course.

And my most recent affliction, Digital media in the production of my Graphic Novels for all ages, "OUWANGALAYMAH! The Tail of The Name Of The Tree" and "GREW" both of which are presented on my web site while in production. I hope to have Ouwanaga #1 finished and printed for Wondercon in San Francisco this next april.

There are wonderful things happening on line. Not the least of which is the site

Thomas James, a working illustrator him self is really rocking the creative podcast world with his in-depth and very well produced podcast interviews with seasoned professionals.

His latest interview with graphic artist Stephan Bucher Is a great listen and spurred this post.

the community growing around Thomas's podcasts & Site is exciting and I encourage everyone to become a part of the EFII community.

Thank you Thomas for all the hard work you are doing to build such a stimulating, diverse, and talented group of people. Yea Escapees!


  1. My favorite is the photo of the insane man with the grinder and tile. Hi Sam. I stopped by to say hello. Hello!

  2. Hello Lyn! Come see us again!

  3. A Grinder!!! I can't WAIT to see what happens. I might actually be holding my breath!!