Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DARK MISCHIEF Kickstarter campaign

Well, it is official. The Kickstarter campaign is open for pledges!  
My story, Two White Horses was accepted for inclusion in this anthology of dark tales. I'm hoping mostly playful or low impact, haven't seen much of the other stories yet, but the artists involved in this project are simply AWESOME! I'm so excited to have my work along side theirs! Dani Jones, Kim Holm, Sarah Turner, Mark Rudolph, AP (Tony) Fortado, Mich Byrd, Dave Flora, Dirk Manning, Cayetano Garza Jr.,  Pam Harrison, Wane Spencer, Kenny Durkin, Thomas Florimante Jr., Jenni and Barry Gregory,
Even though this is a step beyond where I usually tread, I have high hopes that it will bring me one step closer to being a full time story teller. Getting in on this Kickstarter campaign is one way that you could help. Jenni has put together some awesome incentives. Take a look and see if any might appeal to you. Just contributing a dollar will put your name in the book as a contributor, and if the word is spread by everyone and we meet our funding goals, all of the contributing artists will receive payment for our efforts! I MIGHT REALLY GET PAID! YEA!!! Just being part of this project is cool enough, but man, a bit a moola would be nice too. One thing that is great about contributing to projects like this is that all creators retain 100% of their rights and can do what ever they wish with their stories.  Two White Horses will be available as a 20 page standard comic soon as well, and as a Digital down load from the new Indiplanet Digital site.
Thank you in advance for any support that you can share and I hope that you will enjoy the stories in Dark Mischief               

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