Sunday, March 29, 2009

progress is slow but sure still.

Keeping in touch with any following the progress so far. I was hoping to finnish this panel and send it off with my portfolio tomorrow, Oh well, Only so much is humanly possible. I will try to work on it more on Tuesday.    

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  1. Hey Sam
    I just saw your page posted on VSS, and I was going "Whoopie! Finally! someone else who is interested in sequential art!"(grin) And I ADORE Shaun Tan....I was just blown away by Arrival. When Lin Oliver spoke at our Midsouth Fall conference a couple of years ago, I showed her some of my stuff,and immediately she said "You gotta see the Arrival!"
    Thanks so much for sharing and I can't wait to see "What comes next"!
    Alison Lyne
    illustrator of illustrator of Evangeline for Children, Easter Day Alphabet, Halloween
    Alphabet, Kudzu Chaos, Jacques et la Canne a Sucre; A Cajun Jack and the
    Beanstalk,Thanksgiving Day Alphabet, and Bo and the Roaring Pines.
    SCBWI member - editing ART TIPS column in the SCBWI Bulletin