Monday, March 2, 2009

Wondercon 2009

With These Promo pieces and portfolio in hand I hit the exhibition hall at Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend. For me, this is the hardest step of all. I am a wretched self promoter. Even though this was not the ideal venue to be searching for contacts I made a few. But not after many hours of walking around the hall, searching for artists whose work I admired and felt an affinity with. I found Three Wonderful artists. Joe Weatherly, David Colman and Bobby Chiu.     You have to check out there sites. They are all incredibly talented artists. And all of them have self published books. 
All have graciously agreed to do interviews with me for the VSS. Their experiences will be so helpful to the group and to our visitors who might enjoy there responses. I am very grateful to them for being so open and sharing with us and I hope to have their interviews done soon.

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