Saturday, June 27, 2009

Now that's what I call ART!

I'm such a proud Papa! It is so important to involve our little ones in the arts as early as posable, and see in them the potential for greatness. We spend our lives as adult artists fighting to develop our technique, our style, our vision. But what we need most is to remember the fun, the wonder, the joy of it all. Picasso found it. I think thats why he lived so long.

James is four years old. NO. I'm not saying this is genius! I'm not running out to contact a gallery & promote my son as the next visual arts prodigy. I just love watching him create things.
Fresno Fine Arts had a family day at the museum on Saturday. We eased our way through the quiet and unfortunately empty galleries. We Oood and Ahh-d at the beauty hung there, and tried to see what the artist saw. and then it was time for a little hands on. James is as left handed as his daddy. I marveled at the way he meticulously chose his color and brush and slowly & deliberately executed this piece. Most kids his age make a muddy mess. A lot pay no attention to staying in the lines of a coloring book, yet my little guy shows a propensity for the arts that I remember having myself early on. I couldn't be prouder.

My Minnie Me.


  1. Yay for little Picasso's! I bet he's got an endless supply of paper and crayons from proud papa Sam:)

  2. As much as he needs! Howdy cyn!