Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time off for family camping.

Took the advise of all the successful people I've been listening to and I took the sketchbook on vacation. we went camping at San Simeon state park sunday & monday night. Tried sketching the family.  
James and his toasted marshmallows , quick 30 sec sketches, not real accurate but close enough for quickies.  
even got the teenager to sit for me. actually he didn't realize it. another 30+ sec sketch.
I think I caught his "coolness" don't you? 
other campers walking the dog, birds picking the campsite clean of breadcrumbs, trees around the site. The ancient cypress trees there are amazing. Took some video too. hope to put a short piece together to share. had a good time, but now back to business! I hope to work into the next section of GREW before the week I have off is out.      

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