Saturday, June 20, 2009

What comes playing around. We learn.

I have been really concentrating on sketching more, always carrying around a pen or pencil and anything to draw on. I sat down a few days ago and gave birth to several Sketches.
I was trying to ink with the classic india and pen. I just couldn't get the control I was after.
So I sat down at the Wacom, and with the scratch pen brush went after my first sketch of the wife. Loved the way this turned out, and may play around with doing a few line pieces. My reading BONE may have something to do with that. Jeff Smith is a genius.

Now that she is finished I feel a renewed confidence that I can truly figure this thing out.
It is amazing How comfortable I feel in the midst of such chaos. The way I am working is so completely unorthodox. I truly try to write the story down, but until I see the new scene visualized, my mind won't budge. It's like watching a movie in slow motion. I have to see it in order to bring it into being.

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